Hokkaido Kitami Bus


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Route Map

Outward Journey

Sapporo Eki Mae → Chuo Bus Sapporo Terminal → Rubeshibe → Nishi 7(nana)go sen → Kitami Bus Terminal → Bihiro Eki Mae Bus Terminal → Memanbetsu Nishi Dori → Abashiri Eki Mae → Abashiri Bus Terminal

Return Journey

Abashiri Bus Terminal → Memanbetsu Nishi Dori → Bihiro Eki Mae Bus Terminal → Kitami Bus Terminal → Nishi 7(nana)go sen → Rubeshibe → Kikusui Motomachi 7 Jo → Tokeidai Mae → Kita 2 Jo Nishi 3 Chome → Sapporo Eki Mae



◇ Arrival times are delayed by 20 minutes from December to March.
☆ Arrival times are 10 minutes earlier from December to March.



The fare varies depending on the date of travel.

Adult (One-way Ticket) Child (One-way Ticket : 6-12 years old)
Sapporo ⇔ Kitami / Nishi 7(nana)go sen / Rubeshibe 5,490yen~6,190yen 2,750yen~3,100yen
Sapporo ⇆ Bihoro 5,900yen~6,580yen 2,950yen~3,290yen
Sapporo ⇆ Memanbetsu 6,220yen~6,930yen 3,110yen~3,470yen
Sapporo ⇆ Abashiri 6,510yen~7,250yen 3,260yen~3,630yen

Please check the website for more information about other bus stops.


Bus Stops

Map of Sapporo

Kitami Bus Terminal

Abashiri Bus Terminal




Free Wi-Fi service

Electric outlets

3 individual seats



Wet Towel

Privacy Curtain

Depending on the circumstances, we may operate vehicles with different onboard amenities. Some vehicles are equipped with power outlets and USB ports.





Is advance reservation required?
Yes, advance reservation is required for the Dreamint Okhotsk before boarding.
Could you tell me how to make a reservation?
Please make your reservation here
How can I purchase my ticket?
Please make a payment on the website. Payments cannot be made on the bus.
Can I check my baggage?
We can store your baggage in the trunk. However, due to space limitations, we cannot accommodate large items such as bicycles, skis, musical instruments, etc..
Can I bring my pets on board?
Pets are not permitted on intercity buses, neither inside the passenger cabin nor in the baggage compartment.
If I'm running late for boarding, will the bus wait for me?
The bus will depart on time. If you are late for the bus, please take the next one available.Without prior notification, your ticket will be invalid and non-refundable. Please complete the necessary procedures on the website in advance.